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Medical Radioactive Waste Management

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Medical Radioactive Waste Management and cooperation between V4 countries and Italy

Date: 24-25.3.2015

Locality: Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Rome





At the conference were present also state institutions from five countries. The conference was open by the Slovak Ambassador in Rome H.E. Maria Krasnohorska, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Rome Petr Burianek, for Poland Marta Zielińska – Śliwka,adviser and Head Office of Political Affairs behalf of Ambassador and Sig. Tamás Török, first advisor of Embassy of Hungary. For Italy intervened Senator Emilia Grazia De Biasi, president of the Health Commission in the Italian Senate and for European parliament, Honourable Anna Zaborska, member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. Conference was held under the financial support of the Fund V4 and the Italian partner in the projects the state company Sogin / Nucleco.





Short project description

The main objective is to describe and analyse the recent status of medical waste in the V4

countries and Italy, the current state of legislation, their harmonization with EU legislation,

the exchange of experience in handling radioactive medical waste and the common V4

procedures in implementing EU legislation into practice. It aims to develop a proposal to

introduce the necessary measures for a prevention of the waste from healthcare and to

limit the health and environmental risks.

Detailed project description

The core activity of the project is a two day conference, to be held in Rome at the Slovak

Embassy and a demonstration of medical waste disposal in a facility managed by Italian

public company Nucleco. The conference topics will be: Analysis of legal regulations

related to health care waste in the V4 countries and Italy, the legal framework in the EU e

transposition into national systems, characteristics and classification of hazardous waste

from health care, incidence and balance of radioactive waste from healthcare and

comparison between the V4 countries and Italy, analysis of the management of waste from

healthcare, network facility of waste from healthcare in the V4 countries and Italy,

incineration and reduction of radioactive waste, landfills, waste recovery facilities. The

second day of the conference will be dedicated to the disposal of medical waste in the

state-owned company Nucleco. Each of the partner organizations will actively participate

in the conference by providing two speakers on the aforementioned themes. Two

speakers will be provided by Nucleco and the Italian Ministry of Health. Through the

embassies ministries (of health, environment, and economy) will be invited to actively

participate to conference as experts. The goal of the conference will be to develop a

common strategy to be offered to national ministries, hospitals, laboratories, processors of

a radioactive medical waste and a project web platform used to discuss about the common


Target groups and groups benefiting from the project

The primary target group will be the experts from all participating organizations from V4

countries and Italy. From this project will benefit also the representatives of ministries of

Health and Environment ministries of all V4 countries, which are responsible for the

creation and adoption of national strategies and laws application in this area (state

government and its subordinate organizations will be officially invited by V4 Embassies in

Rome). Secondary target groups will be operators handling medical waste, hospitals and

laboratories, NGOs, the private sector and the whole population in the V4. Each partner

organization is tasked to draw up a list of secondary target groups. The Italian Ministry of

Health care will provide the patronage to the conference.

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