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Export of electricity as a resource for the country: Slovakia, from consumer to exporter role

Bratislava, 1st December 2014, Old building of National Council


CISIE in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Bratislava, Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, European Federation for Energy Traders –EFET, Italian state company TERNA and  under the auspices of Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.

The Liberalization of European electricity market has contributed to the trade of electricity, promoting both import and export. Once completed, the new reactors of the nuclear power plant in Mochovce could upgrade Slovakia from pure consumer and importer of electricity to electricity supplier, by focusing strongly on exports. The credit balance of Slovakia in the future may of course be limited by the capacity of the electrical system. In this, in according with Ministry of Economy, the interstate profile between Slovakia and Hungary will be crucial.

The WORKSHOP will be centred on the “pro-export” policy of Slovak Republic in the electricity field. The goal is to provide state-of-art information on the current issues of energy independence and security in Slovakia, about new sources of electricity production and on how support and promote the export ability.


STEFANO SAGLIA, President of Italian – Slovak Consortium for Energy Industry, CISIE and member of the board of Italian state company TERNA

MIROSLAV OBERT, V. Minister of Economy, Slovak Republic

JAN HUDACKY, Chairman of Committee on Economic Affairs of Slovak Parliament

ANNA VITTEKOVA, Member of Parliament and president of the Slovak-Italian friendship group

ROBERTO MARTINI, Italian Ambassador in Slovak Republic




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